Non-inverter Air Conditioners - On/Off-type Neoclima

The traditional Neoclima On / Off type air conditioners are high-quality, affordable air conditioners that can easily fit into any interior and create a comfortable indoor microclimate for a person.

Today, technology has reached a level where everyone can afford a good conditioner with additional air purification and protection functions. Non-inverter air conditioners Neoclima can operate in 4 modes: cooling, heating, ventilation, dehumidification.

What is the principle of operation of non-inverter air conditioner Neoclima type On / Off?

Using the remote control, the user sets a comfortable temperature for himself, the air conditioner, having reached this temperature in the room, turns off and, depending on how quickly the temperature rises again, automatically turns on and retakes the programmed t C 'again, unlike the inverter type air conditioners, which, in turn, when the set temperature is reached, are not turned off, but maintained at low speeds.

What is the point of buying a split-system Neoclima On / Off type, when there is a large selection of inverter on the market?

Consider cases where it makes sense to stop the choice on the traditional - non-inverter air conditioner:

- if the conditioner is not planned in long use, for example the whole day;

- when the air conditioner will not be used for heating at low sub-zero temperatures;

- price - non-inverter air conditioner is much cheaper than inverter;

- availability of a mobile version of the air conditioner.

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