Инверторные кондиционеры сплит-системы Неоклима

Inverter-type Neoclima split-system air conditioners are climatic appliances with a special microcircuit (board) in an external unit that controls the power consumption in automatic mode.

Split system of the inverter type Neoclima

Using the remote control, the user sets a comfortable temperature in the room. Upon receipt of the set temperature threshold, the inverter split system, unlike the On / Off  split system does not turn off, but the inverter reduces the power of turns. Due to this, the system maintains the set temperature, while consuming less electricity, it does not need to spend time studying the instructions for setting up this function, since it all works in automatic mode, and the user is only required to set the desired temperature.

Inverter Split systems  Neoclima room air conditioners.

 Inverter technology Neoclima  gave impetus to the release of a new line of split-systems of inverter air conditioners. An inverter system is an electronic, specially designed board that monitors power, adjusts the amperage and adjusts the efficiency of the technology. Non-inverter air conditioner operates, turning off when the set minimum temperature is reached and are turned on when the temperature has risen, thus, again, on powerful revolutions, it catches the desired t ° C.

Let us determine the superiority of the inverter type split system from the split system On / Off:

- it takes a small amount of time to reach the desired temperature;

- economical, in terms of electricity consumption;

- easy and maximum precision settings;

- resistance to instability of the supply current in the network;

- longer term exploitation.

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