Neoclima Multy-Split Systems

Neoclima presents multi-split air conditioning systems. 

This type of air-conditioning system is more often used in larger offices, multi-room apartments, private houses, hotel-restaurant buildings, shopping and entertainment complexes and other buildings of this type.

What is a multi-split type air conditioner and how does it differ from a conventional split system?

In contrast to the traditional air conditioner, where 1 external unit = 1 internal, the multi-split system has the ability to connect several internal units to 1 outdoor unit and they can work independently of each other.

This equipment has a number of indisputable advantages:

- retain the facade of the building. It is not always and not every building, house, structure has an opportunity to hang up a big amount of outdoor units. Especially when it comes to the old, central part of the city, where a large concentration of buildings is of historical importance. To install an air conditioner, in such cases, as a rule, they allocate one specially equipped place to which, with all the desire, it will not be possible to accommodate several external units for all rooms in the building;

- economical in energy consumption - one multi-split system consumes less electricity than several separate traditional split systems of similar power.

Neoclima multi-split systems have 4 types of internal blocks:

- wall;

- cassette;

- floor-ceiling;

- channel (Duct).

All air conditioners of multi-split systems are inverter air conditioners. Neoclima multi-split system allows connecting up to 5 indoor units to one external unit.

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