Light commercial Air Conditioner Neoclima of a Duct Type

Duct-type Neoclima air conditioners are an innovative technical proposal that will help to create a comfortable indoor air temperature, where it is important not to change the appearance of the interior and design.

Duct-type air conditioners of the Neoclima type are installed in such a way that they do not stand out at first glance, for example, in utility rooms or are built into a suspended ceiling. Duct air conditioners  have the function of blowing out fresh air from the external environment through a specially created opening in the block body. Air intake and air inlet flanges are equipped for easy connection. In the standard assembly, the air intake is located at the back, but if necessary, air can be drawn from below.

Types of channel air conditioners Neoclima.

Duct-type conditioners are divided into 3 types:

Inverter R32;

Inverter R410A;

High pressure on|off type .

Invertor channel conditioners Neoclima.

Energy efficient modern air conditioner equipped with a microprocessor, which provides the function of "comfortable sleep" - this mode of climate equipment automatically reduces (in cooling mode), and also increases (in heating mode) the temperature by one degree for the first two hours, and then maintains its stability for the next 5 hours, after which it turns off. This feature provides energy saving and maintains comfortable conditions at night.

Duct- type (channel) air conditioners Neoclima have several advantages, such as:

- automatic restart of the system - at the time of the unintended shutdown of the air conditioner, due to a power outage, it automatically returns to the previous settings;

- self-diagnosis function - the air conditioner microprocessor scans an incorrect operation mode or technical problem of the components, and automatically turns off when a problem is detected, thereby protecting the system. At such times, the display of the indoor unit displays an error or alarm code;

This air conditioner will quickly and easily create a comfortable indoor microclimate, without affecting the design or interior of the room.

High-pressure channel conditioners Neoclima.

This industrial high-pressure air conditioner is designed for businesses that need to maintain a certain air temperature in the room. This model can work both for cooling and heating and is able to process air in much larger rooms. Also, it has three levels of static pressure:

- 70 Pa;

- 140 Pa;

- 200 Pa.

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