Floor-Ceiling Air Conditioners Neoclima

Light-commercial air conditioners of floor-ceiling type are deliberately designed for rooms with specific planning. The treated air flow generated by the indoor unit is directed along the wall or ceiling, thereby providing the desired temperature throughout the room.

Floor-ceiling air conditioning by Neoclima

Practical, specially made shape of the body of floor-ceiling air-conditioning system, has the ability to be installed both on the ceiling, on the wall and under the ceiling. With this installation, the climate system absolutely does not take place on the floor. The floor only installation option is also allowed, in which case the air conditioner harmoniously merges with the interior design and does not create interference when moving around the room.

Compared to other types of high-capacity air conditioning systems, floor-to-ceiling air conditioning is advantageously distinguished by the fact that it can be installed practically in any premises and can also act as an addition to other air conditioning or ventilation systems in such projects as:

- big retail space;

- banquet halls;

- office buildings.

The special form of the indoor unit makes it possible to cool the room effectively, without the harmful effects of a cold stream on a person. The modern sustained style of the conditioner will allow to enter it in any interior, having added it with taste. Split systems are also presented in two versions:

- inventer R32 ERP -23C ;

- inventer R410 ERP -20C

Modes and possibilities of the floor-ceiling split system Neoclima:

- AUTO mode - the microprocessor automatically selects the appropriate mode;

- COOLING mode - standard air cooling program;

- HEATING mode  - the program of heating the air in the room;

- DRY mode - dehumidification, if necessary;

- FAN mode - ventilation without installing a specific tC '.

Floor-mounted air conditioner Neoclima has a remote control, which is equipped with a liquid crystal display showing all  current modes that are configured to operate the system.

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