Кассетные кондиционеры Neoclima

Cassette type air conditioners from the company Neoclima.

Cassette air conditioner is a type of equipment that is easily mounted in a suspended ceiling coping excellently with cooling or heating with a large area and can replace 2 - 3 standard split systems.

Advantages of the cassette conditioner Neoclima.

Consider the superiority of the Neoclima air-conditioner:

- Special separation of the air flow - cold air is directed to the length of the ceiling, after which it descends evenly below, making a favorable atmosphere throughout the room;

- In heating mode, the heated air flow is directed downwards, gradually spreading the exposed air temperature to all corners of the room.

Purpose of the cassette conditioner Neoclima.

Cassette air conditioners are designed for installation in large rooms, public buildings with high ceilings, especially in those areas where it is important to leave the same appearance:

- in supermarkets;

- business centers;

- exhibition halls;

- hotel and restaurant facilities;

- clinics, hospitals;

- universities, school buildings.

New air conditioners Neoclima are equipped with a special function of the direction of the atmospheric flow. Seven jet cassette split system more efficiently heats and cools the space, dividing the heated or cooled air even in hard-to-reach corners.

- A small indoor unit;

- Eurosize (model 18);

- The treated air is distributed in seven different directions;

- Silent operation;

- Hidden installation;

- Level sensor t'C;

- Two-level condensate leakage protection;

- Ability to control the remote control;

- The option to supply air from the street;

- Mechanical blinds.


Cassette split systems are distinguished by certain points of advantage, if we compare them with a standard conditioner:

- Great performance;

- Cassette air conditioner is able to maintain a comfortable temperature in rooms of large volumes;

- Ideal for public gatherings;

- The peculiarity of air supply in four directions, and accordingly a quick exit to a given temperature, but if necessary, either side can be closed for air supply;

- It is produced in two versions: inverter R410A erp -20C and inverter R32 erp -23C;

- Design that fits into any interior.

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