Light commercial Air Conditioner Neoclima

Semi-industrial air conditioners Neoclima  are presented in three types:

- channel;

- cassette;

- floor-ceiling.

These climate systems are produced with great power, in contrast to room air conditioners or multi split systems.

Where it is recommended to use light-commercial air conditioners Neoclima.

As a rule, such equipment is used in industrial buildings, trade, exhibition, restaurant and hotel premises. And the type of indoor unit is determined by the possibility, method of installation and the structure of the room.

Channel semi-industrial Neoclima conditioner

The perfect solution for creating a comfortable climate in several rooms of a big premice. Installation of channel-type air conditioning is ideal in places where it is important to maintain the design of the exterior or in rooms with suspended ceilings.  Also, this air conditioner has the ability to supply fresh air from the street;

Cassette semi-industrial conditioner Neoclima

As a rule, a cassette semi-industrial air conditioner is installed in non-residential premises, a large area with high false ceilings, such as shops, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, and so on. To create a more comfortable climate, this air conditioner allows you to add air from the street, using a special duct that is installed outside the room;

Floor-ceiling semi-industrial air conditioner  Neoclima

It is used in rooms where the power from household split systems is not enough and it is not possible to install air conditioners of cassette or duct type and is perfect for rooms of oblong shape.

The big advantage of this semi-industrial air conditioner is the versatility of its installation:

- on the floor horizontally;

- under the ceiling vertically;


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