Neoclima - is a company specialized only on a climatic equipment

Neoclima логотип 

Neoclima,as a climatic equipment company appeared in 2007 as the result of the fruitful cooperationbetween international investors, aimed on inventing a high-quality product withmodern technologies and high performance, but at the same time with anaffordable price.

The idea ofNEOCLIMA has a bright reflection in its very name:

«NEO» is an innovative, modern, newest;

«CLIMA» - the atmosphere, climate, the air surrounding  us.


Animportant part of the company's success is always the well-coordinated work ofa team of professionals, based on a specific division of tasks, continuousinterchange of data and ideas, aiming to reach the top positions in theindustry, which makes it possible to regularly improve, refine and implementall new products and models.   

In 2013, alarge-scale procedure for updating the NEOCLIMA TM was launched.  The “product portfolio” was significantlyincreased, almost the entire model range was updated, and the quality controlframework during production was tightened. Thus the the breakdown rate was reducedto an incredibly low 0.14%.

Newcategories of equipment have been added:

-         multisplit systems;

-         residential air conditioning

-         industrialand light-commercial types of air conditioners;

-         airpurifiers and humidifiers.

The next stepin the updating of the brand was to change the slogan.

At thebeginning of 2014, TM Neoclima presented a new, modern and more suitable brandphilosophy slogan: "Quality is for everyone."

These wordsconclude the concepts of high quality and reliability of equipment. And themost important thing is the absolute availability to a wide range of consumers,in terms of the breadth of the range, technical characteristics, designsolutions, and the cost of production.

The finalstep was the rebranding of Neoclima logo in early 2016.

The newNEOCLIMA logo displays the quality of a new level achieved by the company. Itincludes the ease and simplicity, modern low-key font and strict colorperformance. The updated logo reflects the durability, modernity andmanufacturability of the product line.  

NowadaysNeoclima offers a big range of high-class energy-efficient products in a mixwith uncompromised quality and modern technologies, capable to withstand anyhard weather conditions.

Neoclima isgrateful to every customer for their trust and guarantees that it will continueto improve the quality of its products, develop the model range, introducemodern technologies and improve the level of service.

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